What does it mean to live your life without limits?

A limitless life is the experience of true freedom, one that originates from within, rather than being dependent on the conditions of the external world.

The ego would have you believe that you have numerous problems in your life that you must resolve before you can be happy, before you can experience true freedom and before you can live your life, without limits.

The reasons go something like this….

I need to lose 40lbs.
I need to double my income.
I need to be married.
I need to find my soulmate.
I need to be better than everyone else.
I need to be the perfect wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, friend.
I need to be famous.

I need, I need, I need……..

The truth is that there is only ever one problem that we are all faced with and that is our perceived separation from the Divine and the love that we already are.

THIS is the great wound of humanity – To know our essential nature. To be the lights of love shinning in the darkness of the material world of illusions.

So while your ego mind would love to know that there are just a few quick bullet points I could list in order for you to know what it means to be truly free, that’s not how the spiritual world works. Despite what popular marketing techniques would have you believe, it isn’t love that came up with the need to market ourselves to the world. It was the ego.

But if you really need a bullet point to understand the problem that you require a solution for, I will give you one.

You want to be free. Plain + simple. It’s what we all want.

Not free in relation to the external world, but free within. To have peace of mind in all circumstances, situations and relationships, both with yourself and the outer world, to the best of your ability.

And that solution, the path to inner freedom, does not lie in any quick external fix to the conditions of your outer life. In fact, the path to true freedom is barely visible most of the time, it demands far more us of than we are very often ready to give up and the work, is without end.

The path to freedom is to remove any and all limitations within ourselves that keep us separate from love, the only manifestation of the Divine there is. Everything else, is an illusion based on the fear which the ego uses to control us.

A tall order? Yes, indeed.

And right about now, you’re probably wondering who I am to help you? Trust me, I’ve asked myself the same thing many times before. And in all honestly, I still question what I have to share with you, and the world at large for that matter, about what amounts to being a very ambiguous journey for us all. But carry I must. We all must, for that is what we are here for.

Fact: I’m not enlightened. Far from it. And neither are you if you’re here.

Fact: I’ve devoted my life to understanding how our shared wound manifests in the outer world of experience and I’ve practised consistently the disciplines that support our ability to witness the ways that we deny who we really are.

Fact: In addition to 20+ years as a spiritual teacher, I’ve had my share ups and downs. One of my more notable lessons was when I learned how to go from earning less than $20,000 a year to earning more than that in a day, only to discover that money was never really the problem. I was the problem. Or more specifically, I was the problem because I thought that I was also the solution.

Fact: All solutions are the domain of the Divine. You can call that spirit, God, The Universe or whatever helps you to understand the unseen Source of support that is always there for you. I call it by all of these names. What matters, is that you understand they all mean the same thing, love.

Fact: I have both the willingness and the desire to be of service to you and to the healing of the world. This is what qualifies me to support and guide you on your journey.

Fact: Your responsibility is merely to be willing to be transformed by your experiences. And when you are not able to be willing, then to be courageous enough to ask for help in being willing to let go of your fear and resistance.

Fact: This is often the time when my clients initiate work with me, for they know deep down that cannot do it on their own, nor are they required to.

Admittedly this is very deep, personal work and it is NOT for everyone. I do my best to screen the candidates that I work with to ensure that they understand what they’re asking for guidance and support with. To be clear, when you decide to surrender all that is not love from yourself and your life, be prepared for all your shit to show up so you can see what has been keeping you from experiencing the peace of mind you so desire.


If you are clear that this is the path you wish be on and you are in need of guidance and support, I work with a small number of clients privately on a monthly retainer basis starting at $5,000/month.

To apply to work with me privately, email your request to diego@stirringthesoul.com.

If you are committed to living your life without limits but are unable to invest in private support, please do not overextend yourself financially to do so.

Instead, you can request to have me come and teach a group of your choosing for a fee that can then be shared by more than just yourself.

To explore group teaching possibilities, please email diego@stirringthesoul.com

Other options for continued support  and guidance.


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  • I'd known Siobhan previously, and knew she was intelligent, down to earth, a risk taker, and had a wealth of knowledge and business experience. When I hit a point that  I felt lost in life, I knew she was the person to help me.

    Within the first month of hiring Siobhan I booked my first client. She taught me how to officially ditch my old relationship with money and establish my business. Since then, I'm confident in my vision, where I'm going, and I continue to book clients with ease.

    Our 1:1 calls - In one hour, she can pack so much in! Ideas I'd never thought of. Different perspectives. Best of all, she'd call me out on my own BS! That's a good coach, one that stops negative habits so you can move forward.I highly recommend Siobhan to anyone who is struggling with how to live to their fullest potential. Siobhan has a no nonsense, compassionate, solution driven approach to her coaching style. She gives you the personalized attention you need at your pace. Best investment I've ever made!
    Tami Vandrie, Florida, USA
    Tami Vandrie, Florida, USA www.tamivandrie.com
  • Working with Siobhan lit a fire under my… you know what.

    From the first call, we were off and running. She gave me a mix of an experiences during each session. Moments swiftly danced from being curious to creative to strategic to informative. Sessions left me working hard and with laser focus executing the To Do list.  It was a crazy intense, fun time in my life.

    One of the best parts of working with Siobhan was seeing myself through someone else’s eyes. She reflected back my potential that I couldn’t see. She could see those nuggets that were hiding just outside of my own vision—she helped me bring them life. With her help, I began to feel even more confident and excited to serve others with my gifts.

    Siobhan is not building up just individuals like myself; she is also building an amazing community and network of women who are skyrocketing to fulfill their dreams. I love the daily interaction in which we all contribute to building each other up and offer to help make one another shine more brightly (yes, it’s genuinely that giving!). The group has made me feel more capable, more confident, and expanded my own imagination of what’s possible. Siobhan, as the leader, holds the torches of Possibility and Success for us individually and as the collective group. It’s been a wonderful benefit to be part of this smashing group of women!

    Furthermore, I can tell you as her Energetic Advisor (I happen to know her energy very well), her energy comes through her work crystal clear. Who she is is exactly what she creates and maintains for all of her clients through all experiences.

    I highly recommend working with Siobhan if you and your biz need some fresh knowledge and most importantly, the energetic space and mindset to make growth happen!

    Nicole Karon. Florida, USA
    Nicole Karon. Florida, USA www.nicolekaron.com

Isn’t it funny how in your dreams you’re always happy and free? 

There is only one thing keeping you separate from the experience of life that you dream of. And, it’s the one thing that you’re most afraid of doing. Because your dreams will always ask you to face the fear that exists within you so you can learn to let it go.

That is the purpose of all your dreams and desires, to help you transform who you’re being. So you can recognize the love that you already are. That we all are.

You have a unique contribution to make to the world, gifts that only you can give and which are meant to shared.

Are you willing to serve in the way that love demands in your work, your relationships and your creative expression in the world?

I’m here to support you if you are.

  • I hired Siobhan when I was tired and afraid that I would burn out in the way that I was working. I had built my practice, but became lost in what I wanted in other areas of my life because I was so consumed by working with single sessions and discounted packages and clients that weren’t always ideal. And as a result, I wasn't really showcasing all of my experience and expertise. I knew I needed to change things and Siobhan was the spark I needed.  Siobhan is full force in her belief of you and what you have to offer. She will get you to rise up, kick your old habits to the curb, and get you stepping into what you actually want. I’d highly recommend her to anyone ready to make major shifts in their life- to own their expertise, uplevel their mindset (and bank account), and value themselves enough to both believe and ask for what they want. I’m forever grateful for Siobhan’s guidance, honesty, and fierce passion in helping women step into their financial freedom. The connections I’ve made and the life I’m living are blessings that continue to flourish as a result of working with her and being part of her tribe.

    Caitlin Lyon, California, USA
    Caitlin Lyon, California, USA www.caitlinlyon.com
  • Siobhan is a treasure! Working with her, I’ve been able to very quickly and easily expand my business and life in a very short period of time.  She has an amazing ability to focus in on what’s holding you back, shift your mindset and push you forward by leaps and bounds. Prepare to receive the abundance you desire!!

    I finally feel like I’m stepping into the life that I’ve always dreamed of because of her mindset coaching and guidance.  Living my why, travelling first class with my girls and creating a business that rocks!

    Gordana Jakopcevic, Ontario, Canada
    Gordana Jakopcevic, Ontario, Canada www.gordanaj.com
  • I had my first meeting with Siobhan about how to package my offerings on September 16th, and on October 11th I sold my first 3 month package! I knew it would work, however I had no idea it would happen so quickly. I’ve almost made back my mentorship investment, and it had not even been one month! Thank you Siobhan – you’re amazing!

    Mona Warner. Ontario, Canada
    Mona Warner. Ontario, Canada www.janatiyoga.com