The Only Thing Required For Your Freedom, Is Your Willingness To Be Free

Spring always makes me feel alive, hopeful and renewed with possibility for what might be. It makes me feel like the limitless being that I know I am, but often forget. This is something that my clients struggle with all the time. In fact, it’s really the only thing I teach, for when it comes right down to it, all any of us really wants is to be truly free.

We want to be free of the weight of the pain and suffering we perceive is real in this world. We want to be free to be who we want to be, to live our lives as we dream they can be and most of all, we want our freedom to be limitless and permanent.

So why would we forget that we already are the very thing we most deeply desire to be?

Trust is said to be the first requirement of a Teacher of God, as the Course in Miracles calls all those who make the decision to see themselves, and the world around them, through the eyes of love. In theory, seeing ourselves and others through the eyes of love sounds great.

It’s when it comes to actually putting it into practice that we begin to lose our remembrance of who we really are.

To see through the eyes of love requires us to APPLY our faith by extending love to any and all circumstances, situations, people and conditions in our lives that appear to be less than how we would prefer them to be. This can show up as:

– the teller at the bank that says there’s a hold on your cheque for a month when you really, really need the money right now
– the store clerk who puts one item in a bag on the day you forgot to bring your own bags and you flip out because, ‘For fuck sake, don’t they know those plastic bags are killing the environment?’
– or a repeat of the same argument you and your partner have over and over again that leaves you wondering why you keep getting stuck in the habit of needing to be right or to have the last word when you both know it’s killing your joy

While you may not think the little incidents of daily life have an impact on your ability to believe that the world is a loving and kind place, friendly to all your dreams and desires being fulfilled, they certainly do. For it is in the day to day, moment by moment details that we embody the truth of who we really are, and in these details we learn that we either believe we are inseparable from love, or we don’t.

It’s in the moment when we’re told the money we were counting on, cannot be counted on after all, that we abandon our willingness to apply our faith and surrender once again to the comfortable and familiar place of the ego’s perception of a hostile world. Suddenly we feel like the whole world is against us and we have lost or been kept apart, from the love of The Universe.

For more on how we perceive the world as hostile or friendly, tune in to Episode 83 of the Podcast. 

We lose sight of our commitment to live as love would have us know ourselves when we slip into judging ourselves for wanting more, trusting that we’re allowed to have more and believing that we are no less worthy of more than anyone else. More often than not, we err on the side of caution and choose to believe that we are not worthy, but this our judgment of ourselves, not that of a kind and loving Universe.

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When we are free of the ego’s fear based projections, we know that our Source of supply is infinite, but our lack of faith causes us to abandon our trust in the truth that we are never separate from the Source of our Divine being. In doing this we make our perceived separation all the more real by believing in it, more strongly than we believe in our trust of an infinite supply that is already ours.

We judge ourselves as being apart from love and keep ourselves separate from receiving the infinite gifts, and limitless freedom, love would bestow upon us. This begs the question, why would we be unwilling to know the truth of who we really are and to claim the gifts that are already here for us?

The answer is, we wouldn’t.

And yet very rarely are we actually willing to be free, to know the truth of our own greatness and the infinite abundance that is here for us already. The constant chasing of goals, the beating up of oneself to do more, work harder and sacrifice more are merely the ego’s tools to keep us apart from the one thing that love asks of us, which is….


If you are willing, then you have already chosen to surrender all your pain, problems and suffering over to the Divine, and because Love knows no separation, you cannot be apart from that which you already are.

To question whether your prayer of willingness has already been answered is to lack faith, to doubt the power of the Divine and to put your trust in your OWN strength, rather than love.

You are always worthy of all that you desire, for who planted the seed of desire within you but the one that is your creator?

So there is only one question you must ever ask yourself, and answer as truthfully as you can.

Am I willing to be free?
Am I willing to know the limitless nature that is my true reality?

If you are, then you must trust that you have already handed over HOW your life is meant to unfold to the greater power within you and that everything that is, is for a reason. All that is happening is happening FOR you, not against you, for love knows us all as one.

All that you desire is a seed planted by the Divine within you and is it’s own proof of your worthiness to have it.

On the other hand, if you are NOT willing to be free + limitless, you must ask yourself, why? Why would I chose to resist knowing my limitless nature, from receiving infinite abundance and experiencing what it feels like to be free, if that is what is due to all of God’s children?

There is no other answer but that you know not WHO you really are, and in that realization, you can choose again. This is the power of love. You have free will to choose, you need only exercise it by applying your faith + trust in the power of love.

For more on willingness as the only thing required for you to be free, check out Episode 84 of the Podcast.

We all chose to learn either through resistance, which is fear, or through ease, which is love. Learning through ease is more pleasurable and it’s results are rapid. For once we have experienced the results of learning through love in our lives, to return to the teacher of fear is no longer even a consideration. Fear holds no glory, no rewards, no interest for us once we have claimed the gifts that love has to offer, for they are the only one’s that are permanent.

The challenge is not whether it’s possible to be truly free, the challenge is to commit to your freedom, and nothing else. To commit to knowing yourself and all others, as love would have you know them, and nothing else. This is what the curriculum of life is all about.

Do not be fooled by the learning devices of time, money or your body and confuse them as the Source of your freedom. For their gifts are distorted by the ego, which knows them to be finite, and therefore unlike who you really are. When you commit fully to know only the Truth, all that is infinite will come to you with ease for there will no longer be any separation keeping you apart from that which you already are.

You will be free.

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