The Road Less Travelled Is Not An Easy One – Are You Prepared For What Lies Ahead?

I’ve been on a bender this week taking a fierce stance for all that I love and leaning into it with everything I’ve got. I’ve been having those difficult conversations, that I know have to happen, but inwardly I dread initiating. And I’ve been speaking up and saying the things that too often go unsaid while setting crystal clear boundaries everywhere they are needed.

I’ve been doing this all, in the name of love because this is what love asks of us. It asks us not to shy away from the difficult conversations, from saying NO when it’s called for and it demands that we take a stand for what the heart wants. Not what the ego mind wants which is usually based on things outside of ourselves.

Living our lives as the love of The Universe sees it, is not as easy as it sounds. Sure when we’re on retreat or we participate in a transformational experience it feels really great, easy even. But living our lives as love would have us live them, is much harder than it appears. Which is precisely why so few of us commit to this road less travelled.

On that note I want to encourage you on your journey because I know how difficult it can be. As someone who is very sensitive to your environment and the feelings of others, it’s natural to want to heal the pain of the world. But sometimes it feels like you’re living in a different reality from the rest of the world. It feels like no one understands what you’re experiencing, why you feel the way you do or how you arrived at your perception of reality. So you remain silent. You tell yourself that you’ll just send them love + light and that will do. 

Nope. That ain’t love talking. That would be fear keeping you nice and safe right where you are so you don’t have to answer the call that love is asking of you.

The whole world is being destabilized by the current political and moral crisis we’re all in together and it’s all hands on deck for those that have even the faintest understanding of what the spiritual world is asking of us.

So I’m asking you to speak up, to use what you know to help others to find their own moral compass and to support them in growing their own spiritual foundation. One built on love for us all.

Too often we tell ourselves that we have no responsibility to stand out, to speak out, to lead. That the spiritual and political do not need one another. That there’s no point because others won’t understand our perspective. That someone else will do the difficult work. 

Wrong. Love knows no bounds.

The point is not to change how anyone else views the world but rather to support those who already see and recognize that there is a much deeper challenge here for us all and to help guide those who wish to be a part of the changes needed, at that level.

If you see yourself as a spiritual teacher, a healer, a light worker, or even if you don’t — love asks that you embrace the opportunities that are presented to you and to find the bigger message that you are here to share with the world. Everyone has the opportunity to heal the world, but not all will choose it. In fact, very few will.

YOU can be the one that makes the decision to use what you know for the benefit of everyone, not just the superficial freedom of a few. Love asks that you find your voice + that you use it. What the world needs now more than ever is for each and every one of us to surrender everything within us that keeps us separate from love.

This is a huge call to action and certainly not one for the amateur who thinks that spending a weekend here and there on retreat will be enough to transform who they’re being. THIS is the road less travelled, and on this journey, you will meet very few fellow travellers. But that’s okay, because that’s how you’ll know that you’re on the right road, for you. The path of love. (More on that here.)

But be forewarned: If you feel called to live your life through the eyes of love, then you must also be prepared to have all your shit come up that keeps you separate from it. And of course, deep work is never much fun but it’s a whole lot easier when you’ve have support. For more guidance + support you can listen to Episode 67 of the podcast, Don’t Ask To Be Transformed, If You Don’t Like The Heat.

And if you can’t yet find it within yourself the desire to willingly give up all that keeps you separate from love, then simply ask for the courage to do so.

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