Why You Must Find A Beautiful Obsession

You are a creative being. It may not feel that way for you right now, but you are, and you must trust that. You must trust that you can and will find your creative voice (once again, if you’ve lost it) and that you will learn to express yourself in the way that only you can.

This what you are here for. You are not here to be famous or to change the world. Your mere being is enough to do that. Your presence alone is enough to heal, charm, and enliven those around you. But what you must DO, is create. To deny your creativity is to deny the lifeforce that the Universe is continuously seeking to express through you.

You are a creator.

Yet, you have no idea how powerful you are. You are so disconnected from the truth of who you are it’s impossible for you to believe what you’re actually capable of. A tiny part of you knows this, remembers this, and on your good days you even dare to speak the words aloud, as if you mean it.

And yet, you do not heed the call.

You ignore the sound of your soul seeking to express itself through you into the world. You pretend you don’t feel the deep pull from within you saying — just a few moments is all I need, just some time to be alone, to get quiet and to linger in the stillness that is within my heart.

But you put it off, day after day. 

There’s always something more important. What could possibly be more important than giving your soul a voice?

What could possibly be more important than hearing what your heart longs for?

Tell me, I want to know.

If you can sit there and justify all the ways that you avoid being the powerful creator that you are, you don’t deserve to have what you want. You don’t deserve to know the power that is within you if all it takes is a silly little hiccup to throw you off course so long that you’re more committed to not knowing, than you are to finding out.

This is what you’re here for. You were not born to know when you hear a lie or are deceived, and yet you tolerate them everyday as you lie to yourself about why you can’t have what you dream of.
Why not?

Do you really think that you could ever receive a dream without also having the capacity to realize it?

Why would the Universe grant you it’s precious substance in the form of a dream or desire and not give you the means to have it?

It wouldn’t.

So stop telling lies to yourself and anyone who will listen to your pity stories and pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

You’ve got work to do. 

You have beauty to create in the world.
You have inspiration that must be shared with the world.
You have joy, laughter, kindness and rage that all must be expressed as your unique contribution to the world.


This is how you bring your dreams to life. 

It is not by amassing millions of dollars so others revere you for your wealth.
It’s not by spending years learning how to make money so you can one day do what you’re called to do.
It’s not by slaving away at the work that depletes you of your essence.

It’s by CREATING each and every day. 

Starting anew, building on a thought, playing with inspiration, slowly refining the image, the feeling and the thought until finally one day you can look at it and say to yourself —

This is my body of work.

This is my life’s gift.

That’s how you bring your dream to life.

Find something wonderful to become obsessed with and the rest will take care of itself.


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