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Being a Meaning Maker is not for everyone so with that said I’ve done my best to create ways for you to engage in the process with little or no risk. What I’ve found to be true in my own experience, and that of the clients I’ve introduced the process to, is that being a Meaning Maker requires us to live on what I call ‘soul time’. Soul time is essentially a willingness to live in the sufficiency that’s always present in the now.

Presence becomes our desired way of being in the world rather than achievement, status or any culturally decided upon measures of success.

To be in a state of presence allows us to see clearly who we’re being + why and to know what must be done at all times, in order to ensure the highest good for all. This is no easy task of course which why I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter (add link) as a way to familiarize yourself with who we are, what we do and why we do things the way we do.

Going Deeper – Building Capacity

If you feel called to explore the work we do as Meaning Makers more deeply consider joining us in our women’s only private membership community. Our ELEVATE community is $33/month and is for women and those who identify as female, regardless of colour, religious or sexual orientation.

The focus of our ELEVATE community is to provide our members with weekly teachings on how to use The Dream Journey Process as a way to live a more meaningful life rooted in non-dual awareness. The work we do together lies at the intersection of spirituality (as defined by non-dual awareness) and leadership, creativity, social justice and entrepreneurship.

The process is continuously teaching us, myself included. All that’s required for you to learn is your willingness to engage with it. *Be forewarned: This is much more difficult than it may sound which is why we do the work as a community.

The great challenge of our time is move beyond duality into a collective state of non-dual awareness and the current state of the world is reflecting humanity’s struggle with this transformation in consciousness. I believe that women are the leaders of this new consciousness which is why this work is specifically aimed at supporting women.

By learning how to recognize the distinction between how we view ourselves and the world through the ego’s lens of duality, versus the soul’s lens of non-dual awareness, we can lift the veils of illusion that keep us stuck in an endless cycle of constant consumption, without ever feeling like there’s enough for us. Like we’re not enough.

What to expect:

The weekly video teachings are anywhere from 20-45 minutes in length and are stored in our membership portal so they can be accessed at anytime.

In addition, we host a community call once a month so we can all connect to share and discuss the challenges we all face as we transform our lives and the world we’re co-creating together from one based on the need to manage the appearance of scarcity (in all its many forms) into one that recognizes the inherent sufficiency that is available to us all at all times.

We also gather together in our private Facebook group to connect with one another on a daily basis, to ask for support when needed and to share our insights and experiences of life from around the globe.

If you’d like to be apart of something larger than yourself and discover what your soul longs to contribute to the world, we’d love to have you.


Due to the deeply contemplative nature of the work and the challenges it presents for us all, we ask for a commitment to practice by joining our ELEVATE community as a prerequisite before going on to our Deep Dive Intensives, Retreats and other programs.

By completing your order, you agree to enroll in our monthly subscription plan. Your account will be automatically charged the noted amount the first month and the then-current rate monthly thereafter. Cancel at any time by contacting (no refunds issued for partial subscription periods).