Fear, The Universe And You + One Magic Trick To Shatter All Illusions

Today, I hope you’re taking some time to go within and to connect with your deepest dreams + desires. I hope you spend time in search of the true source of supply capable of fulfilling all your dreams. You not only deserve to spend time nourishing yourself and the source that feeds you, it’s a requirement if you want to let go of fear.
When we spend our emotional energy, our mental capacity and our physical time looking to the things outside of ourselves to meet the demands of our life, we’re left feeling empty, alone and unsatisfied. The false prophets that we too often believe will provide the means needed for us to finally be happy, come in many forms.

We imagine that money will save us from the pain of living in separation from the truth of who we really are. We seek love from others in the hopes that will erase the illusion that we all alone in this world. And habitually, we turn to fear as a source of safety and security out of a skewed perception of ourselves and the Divine.

All of these external demi-Gods, if you will, are servants of fear. They are the illusions fear employs to keep you separate from the only true source of lasting happiness – love. And love can only be found within ourselves, for all that we see in the world is merely a projection of our own understanding.

When you look at your life what you’re seeing is the message that you’re sending to The Universe.

And when we spend our lives in pursuit of the things, people or conditions that we believe will make us happy and they fail to meet our expectations, we gradually begin to learn that the true source of supply for ALL of our needs must originate from within.

Knowing where to turn for love, for safety, for true wealth, health and happiness is the ultimate magic trick capable of shattering all our illusions.

It is only when we come face to face with this Truth that we are able to find lasting happiness, for conditions, people and circumstances outside of ourselves will always be beyond our control. So if we are to pursue our deepest dreams + desires fully we must first admit that their fulfillment cannot be found in anything or anyone outside of ourselves.

In making the commitment to find the true source of your dreams + desires you will be led to live a life which is governed by an internal focus, rather than external achievement.

And the irony of course, is that when one turns to the true source of supply, The Universe within us, all the riches and love we sought so long and fought so hard for outwardly, will come to us as if by miracles.

When you observe your life from the outside, what do you see? What energy do you imagine you are sending out into the ethers? And are you willing to risk entraining the idea that the very thing you’ve been seeking, has been in your possession all along?

Marianne Williamson shares what this looks like in her book A Return To Love by using The Wizard of Oz as an analogy to help us understand that everything we desire, is already in our possession. We just keep insisting that it’s not because our minds our ruled by the ego’s weapon of choice – fear.

She tells us how when Dorothy meets Glenda the Good Witch and is told all she needs to do to get home is to click the heals of her slippers three times and say out loud, “I want to home”. Rightly so, Dorothy wonders why Glenda never told her this before to which she responds, “Because you wouldn’t have believed me if I had.”

Where in your life are you refusing to look within?
What would have to change for you to risk believing something new?
Who would you need to become in order to seek within for all the riches you’re so deserving of?

I hope you spend some time this weekend thinking about the power you already possess and how you can use it to feel more joy, more ease and more abundance in your life so you can share it with the world around you.


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