Learn how to elevate your understanding of what you truly love, that which holds deep meaning for you, so you can create the life (and business) you’ve always dreamed of.

You deserve to have it all!
Now it’s time to decide what that means for you.

Create a beautiful and inspiring life you love, without breaking your back or your bank account, and do it all in one place you absolutely love, while hanging out and with the people you know will always have your back.

Are you ready to make the leap from your soul sucking day job with a steady paycheck into living the creative life you’ve always dreamed of where you own your own business, but you haven’t got a clue where to start or even know what’s possible?

Have you made the transition into the online space already but you’re still not experiencing the gorgeous life you ‘dreamed’ it would be and you don’t know how to ditch the hustle so you open up to the magic + flow that you know the Universe wants you to experience?

Or maybe you’re just tired of feeling so uninspired, isolated and alone in your world and you’re ready to be surrounded by a creative group of women, like you, who believe that their lives are meant to filled with nothing but infinite JOY, EASE + ABUNDANCE?

I understand and I’ve been where you are right now.

My name is Siobhan McAuley and I’m a spiritual strategist for meaning driven women like you, who want to have it all, and do it on their own terms. I spent years living a meaningful life but it was always at the expense of allowing myself to have all the love, joy, ease and financial prosperity and abundance that I secretly dreamed of. And when I was diagnosed with cancer, that’s when I finally had to admit defeat and allow the Universe to lead me to the life that it had planned for me.

And trust me, I wish I had listened sooner! Not only do you not have to go through what I did to understand just how powerful a creator you are, you don’t have to do it alone.

In the past three years I’ve gone from sick and on welfare to turning my yearly income into my monthly income. And then I lost it all and had to start all over again.

But this time, doing what I loved meant I needed to create what I call ‘a meaning driven business’.

What’s that you say?

A meaning driven business is one that aligns with the deepest truth of who we are. One that does not exist in isolation from every other aspect of our lives, but rather exists to support the totality of who we are becoming.

A vessel through our secret unknown can be made known to the world.

Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly? - Frida Kahlo

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I’ve worked hundreds of artists, healers and other smart, creative and inspiring women like you to help them take full ownership for their unique gifts so they could leverage their skills and create the business and life they always dreamed of.

Some of the things I’ve been able to do in just 3 short years are:

Been featured on dozens of podcasts and seen as the go-to spiritual expert for meaning driven women.

Grown a thriving, engaged community that’s almost 2,000 strong filled with what I call, Meaning Makers, women just like you from around the world that are committed to living a meaningful + prosperous life doing what they love.

Built a social presence of 12,000+ using mostly free tools and leveraging relationships with people I adore, respect and admire. Aka, my sacred allies.

But what I’m most proud of is creating a life that I actually LOVE living with my partner Jon in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

Jessica Serran, Prague, Czech Republicwww.jessicaserran.com

I love being constantly saturated in the sense of possibility that Siobhan brings to the table and the power it has to elevate me and help me to go further and farther than I thought possible.

Despite having grown my online business to the 6 figure mark in less than 9 months, the Universe had a much bigger plan for me than I realized and soon I was faced with a whole new set of obstacles and challenges that I needed to learn how to overcome in order to transform who I was being, yet again.

  • All the joy, ease and abundance began to dry up and life became hard again
  • I felt isolated and alone, afraid to reveal what I was really feeling deep inside and terrified that I had fucked my life up - again
  • I tried everything to get my mojo back but nothing seemed to work, instead things got worse

I had no choice but to surrender to a power that was greater than my own and allow myself to be led.

And sure enough, I was.

When I gave myself permission to follow what felt good, instead allowing my mind to rule my every thought, action or purpose for being, everything began to change.

The more I ‘leaned into what I loved’ the more clarity I got and the easier it was for me to take action and get the support I needed, to keep growing and expanding with ease.

The moment I gave myself permission to live the life I had always dreamed of, that’s when my clarity emerged, my purpose became known and my people began to surround me with the support I had been craving.

And that’s what our ELEVATE Lifestyle Membership Community was designed to help you do.

The only difference is, it won’t cost you nearly as much money as I spent or the pain, suffering, loneliness, frustration, anger, guilt and resentment that I experienced to get to where I am now.

No matter what’s happening in your life right now, you can have it all. And it begins with knowing what having it all means for you.

If I can transform my life, my business and my mindset from one of poverty and pain to one of infinite joy, ease and abundance - so can you.

What would it feel like for you to have…

Access to the collective thought power, inspiration + experience of some of the most amazing, talented women in the online space that have already done what you want to do, and not have to make all the same mistakes that they did or spend even a fraction of the money it cost them to get to where they are now?

Would you Say YES?​

Total clarity on where you are meant to be, who your people are and why you belong among them so you never have to waste your time or energy again worrying and wondering whether or not you’re on the right path?

Would you Say YES?​

An online global community of women, your cheerleaders and champions supporting you in living your best life now, no matter where you are in your journey?

Would you Say YES?​

Your very own library of inspiration filled with in-depth trainings and interviews to support you at every stage of your creative development so you can continuously grow and expand your life + your business with ease?

Would you Say YES?​

To real secret to ELEVATING your life is knowing exactly how to leverage what you’ve already got so you can amplify your brilliance, accelerate your timeline for joyfilled success and activate the power of the Universe that lives within you to create the life + business you dream of, right now.

Compared to a 5 figure investment to work with me privately, you might be wondering how I can be so confident about the results I know you’ll get from a program that costs less than $2 day?

Here’s what I know.

The world is rapidly changing and with it, so is the way that we live. Women are leading the way in the new economic paradigm due to the booming online marketplace. That means all women are being called to ELEVATE their vision of themselves and the world they want to live in to support the growth and expansion of the whole world so we can live our lives in harmony with the soul of the Universe.

My job is to help as many women as I can to do that. And that’s why I’ve made this such an easy opportunity for you to Say YES to, so you can start living your dream life today.

Besides, I’m not doing this all on my own steam. I’m relying on the relationships I’ve built for years, with experts from every discipline, to provide you with the training and support you need to be a leader in the new age of human consciousness.

You don’t have to take every training under the sun to prove you’re worthy of being supported by the Universe in the way that you desire to live your life.

You don’t need to make yourself sick trying to get someone else to believe in you so you can feel deserving enough to charge whatever you want for your gifts.

You don’t need to hide away and pretend like your dreams are too big or that others will crush them if you let the world know what you’re really here for.

And you don’t need to try to figure everything out on your own and make yourself feel like a crazy person in process trying to compete with some unrealistic idea of what success is, that you don’t even want for your life.

And the good news is, you don’t have to suffer through any of that anymore.

All you have to do is Say YES to your dreams.

ELEVATE is THE place to learn how to cultivate your deepest desires so you can turn them into a business + life that until now, you’ve only dreamed of, and do it with ease.

If you want to go fast, go alone.If you want to go far, go together.- African Proverb

Nicole Karon. Florida, USAwww.nicolekaron.com

Working with Siobhan lit a fire under my… you know what.

From the first call, we were off and running. She gave me a mix of an experiences during each session. Moments swiftly danced from being curious to creative to strategic to informative. Sessions left me working hard and with laser focus executing the To Do list. It was a crazy intense, fun time in my life.

One of the best parts of working with Siobhan was seeing myself through someone else’s eyes. She reflected back my potential that I couldn’t see. She could see those nuggets that were hiding just outside of my own vision—she helped me bring them life. With her help, I began to feel even more confident and excited to serve others with my gifts.

Siobhan is not building up just individuals like myself; she is also building an amazing community and network of women who are skyrocketing to fulfill their dreams. I love the daily interaction in which we all contribute to building each other up and offer to help make one another shine more brightly (yes, it’s genuinely that giving!). The group has made me feel more capable, more confident, and expanded my own imagination of what’s possible. Siobhan, as the leader, holds the torches of Possibility and Success for us individually and as the collective group. It’s been a wonderful benefit to be part of this smashing group of women!

Furthermore, I can tell you as her Energetic Advisor (I happen to know her energy very well), her energy comes through her work crystal clear. Who she is is exactly what she creates and maintains for all of her clients through all experiences.

I highly recommend working with Siobhan if you and your biz need some fresh knowledge and most importantly, the energetic space and mindset to make growth happen!

Caitlin Lyon, California, USAwww.caitlinlyon.com

I hired Siobhan when I was tired and afraid that I would burn out in the way that I was working. I had built my practice, but became lost in what I wanted in other areas of my life because I was so consumed by working with single sessions and discounted packages and clients that weren’t always ideal. And as a result, I wasn't really showcasing all of my experience and expertise. I knew I needed to change things and Siobhan was the spark I needed. Siobhan is full force in her belief of you and what you have to offer. She will get you to rise up, kick your old habits to the curb, and get you stepping into what you actually want. I’d highly recommend her to anyone ready to make major shifts in their life- to own their expertise, uplevel their mindset (and bank account), and value themselves enough to both believe and ask for what they want. I’m forever grateful for Siobhan’s guidance, honesty, and fierce passion in helping women step into their financial freedom. The connections I’ve made and the life I’m living are blessings that continue to flourish as a result of working with her and being part of her tribe.

Want a sneak peek of what to expect when you join us behind the scenes in the ELEVATE Members Only Community?

My signature manifesting + mindset training, The Dream Journey Process. A 4 part training to teach you exactly what happens when you’re gifted with a dream or a desire and what your vision goes through to become manifest in the material world

Momentum, my 12 hr. training to help you define what having it all means for you to give you the clarity you need to so you can take action and make your dreams a reality, without disconnecting from the power of the Universe that resides within you

Continuous teaching on the Deeper Practices of The Dream Journey Process PLUS my brand new training on The 3 Energetic Archetypes of Success so you can identify where your dreams are asking you to learn how to be someone new + how to do it.

And more...

For just $33/Month you’ll get 24/7 access to elevate your understanding of what’s hidden deep within you that’s seeking expression in the outer world in the form of a business + life you dream

With over $2,000 worth of trainings alone, you and your dreams will be in good hands.

But the trainings aren’t the only reason why you'll benefit from being a part of the ELEVATE community.

The real reason our members stay, is because of the support they receive from one another.

The truth is, no one creates the life they love all on their own.

We all do it together.

In addition to the valuable in-depth trainings you'll get immediate access to when you join us, for every month that you remain you'll also receive:

  • One new Live Training by yours truly or one of my hand picked guest experts to help you create the business + life you dream of.
  • Two guest expert interviews each month to inspire you to create the best life + business possible and always remember that you are not alone in the journey.
  • Mini trainings from me twice a month to help you stay focused on elevating your expectations of success so you can experience new levels of joy, ease and abundance in every area of your life.
  • Monthly focus themes to support your growth and expansion with ease and to ensure you remain within the bounds of what is sacred to you while creating the life + business you dream of.
  • Monthly Live Q+A’s so you can ask questions related to our monthly focus theme and anything that emerges from the work you’re doing in the world and with the trainings
  • Plus you’ll get 365 access to a library of over 80 episodes of my Meaning Maker podcast on mindset + spiritual studies and surprise Live Streams from me in the group to keep you inspired and engaged with the process of creating a life that represents who you really are, --- all for less than $2 a day!

The truth is, you already have everything you need to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. It’s just hiding inside of you. Now it’s time to learn how to tap into your secret unknown and make it known to the world around you.

Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing- Georgia O’Keefe

How is ELEVATE different from other membership programs?

How do you choose your guest experts?

How do you decide what the monthly focus themes are going to be?

Is 1:1 support included?

What is your refund policy?

How do I cancel?

May I put my subscription on hold?

Gordana Jakopcevic, Ontario, Canadawww.gordanaJ.com

Siobhan is a treasure! Working with her, I’ve been able to very quickly and easily expand my business and life in a very short period of time. She has an amazing ability to focus in on what’s holding you back, shift your mindset and push you forward by leaps and bounds. Prepare to receive the abundance you desire!!

I finally feel like I’m stepping into the life that I’ve always dreamed of because of her mindset coaching and guidance. Living my why, travelling first class with my girls and creating a business that rocks!

Mona Warner. Ontario, Canadawww.janatiyoga.com

I had my first meeting with Siobhan about how to package my offerings on September 16th, and on October 11th I sold my first 3 month package! I knew it would work, however I had no idea it would happen so quickly. I’ve almost made back my mentorship investment, and it had not even been one month! Thank you Siobhan – you’re amazing!

ELEVATE your dreams.

You really can have it all. It’s time to find out what that means for you.

Find out what it will take to close the gap between where you are and the where you really want to be.

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