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It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in Tennessee and I feel so grateful to have the life I do. I’m surrounded by the sound of birds singing, trees blooming in a beautiful array of colours and life seems to be bursting at the seems everywhere I look. It’s hard not to feel grateful on days like today.

But, life isn’t always sunshine and roses and it’s during those times that we need to hold fast to our dreams. Buckminster Fuller said, “everyone has the perfect gift to give the world — and if each one of us is freed up to give the gift that is uniquely ours to give, the world will be in total harmony.”

As a meaning driven entrepreneur (even if you don’t already have your own business) one of the hardest things to do is to reconcile your desire to share your gifts with giving yourself permission to have the money you need to make that possible.

Because money gets such a bad rap and is blamed for all the stupid things that humans do with it, our desire to do good in the world can override our need for more money to make our dreams a reality. This leaves us feeling guilty, angry and deeply conflicted about how to share our gifts with the world. For more on how guilt blocks money you can tune into Episode 86 of the Podcast – The 3 Keys To Unlock Your Money Blocks.

The truth is, there’s nothing you want more than to share your gifts with the world in a meaningful way. And you know that to make the kind of impact you want, you need more money to fund your dream. You’ve been working hard, taking action, staying high vibe and being compassionate with yourself as you learn how to be the completely new version of yourself that you dream is asking you to become.

But, still nothing has changed. Every time you try to take your business to the next level so you can generate the money needed to fund your dream, you get stuck.

At every turn you’re met with the threshold guardians of fear, worry, self-doubt, confusion and indecision about what to do, where to go and how to get there.

The guilt of wanting more than you already have is overwhelming and you know you need to find a way to move forward, or your worst fear will come true….You’ll die with your gifts still inside of you and never know what it felt like to make your biggest dreams, a reality.

What’s worse, is that you KNOW you can create anything you dream of. You just can’t seem to find the clarity to make it happen now.

That place of debilitating confusion is when we find ourselves in stage 4 of The Dream Journey Process. And as much as we all hate being in that place, this is actually where we spend most of our lives. This is where we fall out of frequency with our next level dreams and desires and descend into the underworld of our inner experience to claim the gifts that we have yet to take ownership for.

Like money though, we tend to make this part of the growth process out to be the bad guy and we resist going there with everything we’ve got. And as a result, we fail to claim the gifts that we’re being asked to share with the world.

So you see, money is NOT what’s stopping you from making your dream a reality. In fact, money is faithfully waiting to serve you and to support you, but when you’re too busy trying not to see what the descent into your innermost depths is trying to reveal to you, money ‘appears’ to abandon you.

But money isn’t the bad guy in your dream. In fact, money brings us all immense joy because when we have it, we instinctively want to share it with others. We use it to help grow our businesses so we can help more people and serve effortlessly at our highest level.

Money is NOT a bad thing, but if your relationship to money is unhealthy, navigating growth will always be a challenge for you.

Growth is inevitable. The only thing you can control is how long it takes you to go from where you are, to where you really want to be, and how painful the process is getting there.

So while we may need to improve our relationship with money or learn how to build our business, what we all really WANT, is to know that we can navigate growth with ease and to feel confident that we can do that, no matter how big our dreams are, and without sacrificing our integrity along the way.

I remember when I was a kid spending time at my grandparents cottage on Little Hawk Lake. My mom and my uncle Mick would take me out to a sandy shoal and hold me as I floated in the water looking up at the sky. One day I finally had the confidence to float all by myself and I floated way out into the middle of lake, scaring the crap out of everyone as the motor boats went whizzing by me.

Just like I needed support to learn how to swim on my own, we all feel more confident when we have someone that we can share our fears, our worries and our biggest dreams and desires with. Support makes it easier for us to trust ourselves to take the risks that all growth requires, because we know that we have someone there holding us.

I want you to know what that support feels like so you can begin to trust yourself and start navigating growth with ease, in your life and your business. Which is why I’m giving away 10 FREE SESSIONS with me to help you identify:

where you are right now in your life journey and how that’s impacting your ability to grow the dream you have for your business AND what your dream is asking of you at this time so you can determine if you’re willing to do what it requires to realize it.

The result – is you being able to see where you need support in making your dream a reality and what your next step needs to be so you can start navigating growth with ease. 

We don’t know need to know every step to get us from where we are to where we really want to go, but we do need our next step. Finding a new strategy, working on your mindset, taking inspired action and learning when to sit back and receive are ALL a part of the growth process.

What keeps us stuck is not knowing when to do each of these things and doubting our ability to know the answers so we can move forward with confidence. Learning how to navigate growth with ease allows you to make decisions fast, without doubting yourself, because you’re no longer relying only on your own power. Instead, you’re connected to the infinite Source of Supply available to us all and which will never abandon any of us. The is what The Dream Journey Process is all about.

If you’d like to find out what it feels like to get the support that you have every right to, email me at to grab one of the 10 FREE SESSIONS I’m giving away. 

Learning to navigate growth with ease is all about tuning into the infinite support that is always there for us, trusting that The Universe WANTS us to grow and that absolutely everything that happens in our life is The Universe speaking to us to help us grow into the person, our wildest dreams want us to become.

In service,

PS. The offer to work with me will be posted in our private FB community as well but there only 10 FREE SESSIONS, so if you feel called to step into receiving support, email me to secure your spot now at

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