You are about to embark on a wonderful journey guided by your souls deepest longing.

As companions on the path we call ourselves Meaning Makers as a reminder that living a deeply meaningful life is at the heart of all our dreams and desires. Each of us must decide for ourselves what holds meaning for us personally. To do that we must be willing to enter in the unknown so that we can make our souls longing known.

Our approach is to focus on two primary tasks:


Before we can determine what is most meaningful for us we first have to have a clear lens through which to view ourselves, our lives and our dreams.

How we orient ourselves in the world is dictated either by the egos perception of what it thinks it needs or by the soul’s longing for what it wishes to make known to us and the world. As Meaning Makers we choose to orient ourselves in the world through the soul’s lens perception which means we must first learn how to recognize all the ways in which we perceive ourselves to be isolated, fragmented and unable to sustain the life of beauty, harmony and creativity that we dream of.

This work of identifying all the ways that we fall out of the present moment and back into our old conditioned ways of thinking & being is on-going. As all things rooted in the soul’s longing are based on process, versus the egos need for instant gratification and proven results, we work with a contemplative approach to movement and art-making as practical ways to deconstruct the ego’s hold on who we think we are and might become.


At the core of all our failed dreams and desires is the belief that we are separate from ourselves, the Earth and our own Divinity. This fragmented sense of self is what fuels our fear, isolation, loneliness and belief in lack, while continuously pitting us against one another and the planet.

Community is our antidote to being pulled back into separation while striving to move beyond our old conditioned ways of being, that the systems we’re all apart of, are rooted in.

Life as a Meaning Maker is inclusive and deeply creative. We are committed to the process of continuously learning, growing and evolving as we become more of who we know ourselves to be. In other words, becoming conscious of our own consciousness. Community provides a much needed place to anchor our awareness along with inspiration and support as all of humanity and our collective consciousness evolves beyond its current limitations.

You could not have a dream or desire without the supply to fulfill it. However, with each new dream you must become someone that you are not currently being. This is the gift, and the challenge, that your dream is presenting you.
Will you accept the invitation to join us on the journey?

Hi, my name is Siobhan McAuley and I am the founder of The Meaning Maker Movement and the creator of The Process framework. (formerly called The Dream Journey Process.)

I’m so glad that you found us! It’s taken me a long time to find my way to where I am today but all the mistakes I’ve made have proven to be my greatest teachers on the journey because I chose to see them that way.

My most recent dream has led me to Knoxville, TN to be with my love, Jon. Prior to that I was living in my hometown of Toronto where I worked as a bread baker while taking a self-directed sabbatical from teaching yoga after 15+ years in the industry in the US and Canada. Between then and now I had a whirlwind journey through the 4 stages of The Process when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and spent 8 months in treatment and recovery.

Due to treatment my body was forced into surgical onset menopause which brought with it not only a slew of physical symptoms but also a ton of mental and emotional baggage around being a crone at 45. Coming out of treatment I knew I wanted to commit to my dream of sharing my life with Jon but I was broke and had been taking on more debt everyday throughout my illness. Then one day I got this idea that if I could earn $20,000 a month (instead of in a year) everything would be alright.

Call me crazy, or just naive, but despite that fact that I was lying on the couch still unable to work I took on the challenge of making this far fetched dream a reality. No one was more surprised than me when I actually did it and a year later I was living in Tennessee with my sweetheart. But that’s not the end of the story, it’s actually just the beginning.

The moment I moved my dream was made real, which meant that another new dream was already on it’s way to me. Except, I didn’t know that at the time. I had failed to keep pace with my dreams and desires because the truth is, I never in a million years actually believed that I could do what I did.

Soon after this realization that I no longer knew what I really wanted things began to fall apart. At least in my business they did. Jon and I are still together and happy as can be in our sweet mountain home but there have been enormous challenges that we’ve both had to face as a result of my business flailing.

You see I built my business, like many women these days do, on helping other women make money. The problem with this is that it’s never really the money we want. It’s the life that we think the money will buy us. When I finally had the life that I had been dreaming of the money was no longer important to me and I found myself unable to do what my business required me to do in order for it to continue producing $20K months.

So I pulled the plug and went back to the drawing board to try to figure out what went wrong. It was then that The Dream Journey Process was born. Initially, I began teaching The Process as a way to help other women, like myself, who were trying to find a way to make money doing what they loved without sacrificing the life they dreamed of or the values that mattered most to them.

Over and over again I saw in myself and the women I worked with, a deep conflict between what they really wanted and who they thought they had to be to get it. That’s when The Process evolved into more than just a roadmap to show us how our dreams come into being. Instead, I began seeing it more like a coin with two sides. On the one side was a path that would lead us on a journey guided by the ego’s need to maintain control and know exactly where it was going at all times. On the other side, the path was led by the soul and its desire to operate in the hidden realms of the unknown.

Today, I lead a global community of women who are passionately engaged in living their lives from the ocean, which is the term we use to describe the experience when we are oriented in the world through the lens of the souls longing. I work from home where Jon and I share 14 acres in the mountains with our goat Minnie and 3 cats. I’m writing a book about The Process, which I share content from every week on our Patreon site for free. I lead contemplative movement and art-making workshops here and wherever I’m invited to teach as daily practices to help us remain anchored in the ocean. And I mentor a small number of clients privately showing them how to work with The Process in their daily lives so they can make their unknown known.