What does it mean to be a Meaning Maker?

Put simply, being a Meaning Maker is about living a more meaningful life. While that may seem vague and something of one’s individual choosing, we define a meaningful life as highly creative and guided by a vision of the kind of world we dream is possible.

Our approach is to focus on two primary tasks:


Before we can determine what is most meaningful for us we first have to have a clear lens through which to view ourselves, our lives and our dreams.

How we orient ourselves in the world is dictated either by our ego dominated consciousness, called duality, or by our soul’s longing for oneness, which arises as non-dual awareness. Our commitment is to orient ourselves in the world through the soul’s lens perception by unpacking all the ways in which our prevailing consciousness of duality keeps us isolated, fragmented and unable to sustain a life of sufficiency for ourselves and each other. (Example: The Earth is able to sustain us all yet millions still go hungry every day around the globe.)

This work of unpacking all the ways that we fall out of the present moment (soul time) and into our old conditioned ways of thinking and being, with ourselves and each other, is on-going. As all things rooted in the soul’s longing are based on process, not the ego driven demand for instant, finite results, we aim to create ‘whole’ lives of meaning as a way to orient ourselves in non-dual awareness in every way possible.


At the core of ego-based dual consciousness is the belief that we are separate from each other, the Earth and our own Divinity. This fragmented sense of self is what fuels our fear, isolation, loneliness and belief in lack, while continuously pitting us against one another and the planet.

Community is our antidote to being pulled back into separation while striving to move beyond our old conditioned ways of being, that the systems we’re all apart of, are rooted in.

Life as a Meaning Maker is inclusive and creative. We are committed to the process of continuously learning, growing and evolving as we become more of who we know ourselves to be. In other words, becoming conscious of our own consciousness. Community provides a much needed place to anchor our awareness along with inspiration and support as all of humanity and our collective consciousness evolves beyond its current limitations.

The best way to get acquainted with the work we’re doing as Meaning Makers is to join our newsletter where I share my deepest thoughts, essays and best ideas for how to live a more meaningful life rooted in non-dual awareness.

Who am I?

Honestly, I’m no one. I’m just a woman with a deep and profound desire to know one’s True Self and to help others to do the same. There’s nothing that makes me especially suited to be a guide in your process other than my relentless commitment to know the truth with a capital T.

I believe that from the soul’s perspective there is only one Truth and we all always know what that is. The problem is not that we are not in agreement on what that is but that we fall prey to the many illusions our current dualistic way of seeing has led us to believe are real.

I came to this understanding after over twenty years of personal exploration through spiritual study, practice and teaching. Yoga, astrology and Shamanism formed the basis for much of my work which ultimately led me to develop my own system that integrated everything I felt to be of value into what I call The Dream Journey Process.

The process is a living system which is continuously evolving and becoming more of itself as we engage with it, much the same way that we become more conscious of who we are as we inquire more deeply. It’s both a map that helps us to understand how we manifest our desires in the external world and a map of conscious that connects us to what our soul longs to create and contribute to soul of the world.

The process is useful because it helps to create a framework and common language that we can all use to understand our individual and collective experiences, while allowing us to remain free to create what is unique to us personally.

Like you, I too have my achilles heal, the places in my life where I’m more apt to fall into my old conditioned ways of being where my actions are reactive, rather than responding to my souls longing. I don’t claim to be enlightened, whole or healed. I accept that I am in the process, as we all are, of transforming my consciousness from duality to non-dual awareness.

My promise is merely to be your guide, if you wish to have one, and to provide you with the tools that I’ve found most useful while offering the support of our community container to hold you and your dreams as you progress on your own journey.

With hope for the life we dream is possible for us all,