What would it look like to live your full potential?

You have a purpose. A dream only you can fulfill and live.

You get excited when you think about all the possible ways your life could play out, and you feel called to live a meaningful life.

Making your mark on the world doesn’t come from a bank account. It comes from the lives you change, the people you impact and ways you leave those who have been touched by your presence, feeling that their lives have benefitted from knowing you. It comes from sharing your purpose with the world, and that happens one choice at a time.

I know what it’s like to be weighed down by the frustration of knowing you’re meant for something truly remarkable, but feeling lost and confused, without a clear sense of purpose.

My name is Siobhan McAuley and I’m a seeker. For over 15 years I taught yoga, among other things as I sought to fulfill my purpose in the world. I was also a boat builder, a painter, a tree planter, a farmer, and a baker.  More than the label of what I did though, I was exploring what a life well lived looked and felt like.

I have been where you are right now.


I know how hard it can be to switch your focus from the apparent obstacles that are in your path, to choosing to find the purpose in everything.

Something was always standing in my way of having what I truly desired – a life without limits. I wanted it all, and I wanted it on my own terms.

To me, that’s what living one’s full potential looks like – A life without limits.

Limitations arise in many ways – in a relationship, a job, or a bank account. All of them are a result of the story we create by stringing together our limiting beliefs.

It wasn’t until I got sick that I really took a hard look at my own limiting beliefs.

The truth is, I was sick and broke. Here I was, the so-called “healthy one” in my family and I had cancer. I was on welfare after 8 months in treatment and recovery and I didn’t have a clue how to make my life work. Some part of me knew though if I didn’t figure out how to turn my life around, I was just going to keep getting sick.

At any moment you can choose to turn an obstacle, into an opportunity.

What do you really want?

I wanted to fulfill my potential. I wanted to feel vital and alive. I wanted to feel a sense of joy, ease and abundance in all areas of my life. And most importantly, I didn’t want to feel limited in any way – especially financially.

In order to do that, I put all my years of meditation practice to work and I trained my mind to embrace that desire. I had to give myself permission to follow my excitement and allow it to drive me towards my goals.

In that moment I found my purpose to teach women that they have limitless possibilities.

I want YOU to know the same joy, ease, and freedom that I have in my life.


I want you to know when to ask better questions and turn your attention to bigger opportunities.

When I changed my story, the abundance began to flow.

You can have what you want. Success is our birthright.

It’s time for you to grant yourself permission to do

what you love and follow your excitement.

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When was the last time you got to go all out

and play dress up, make believe and imagination day

all rolled into one?

Probably not since you were a kid, right? I know I hadn’t! And let me tell you, this photo shoot really was as fun as it looks.

And guess what? Everything in it, actually belongs to me. Yup. Me and my amazing team carted everything down to the beach on a beautiful sunny day in May and built ourselves this incredible fort. We had people stopping and asking us if we we’re going to leave it up too. And I might have done it, if I wasn’t so attached to the things in it.

To give you an idea of why I chose some of the things I did, I’ve labeled a few of the items below to share with you the meaning they hold for me.

If you were doing your own photo shoot on the beach, what items would you bring with you and why?


White wool bed sheet. Given to me as gift from an old friend after a trip to Turkey where he was the captain on a marine archeological expedition.


Pink Italian cotton scarf, $150. A gift I bought myself from one of my favourite shops in Toronto after I sold my first $5,000 package. My old self never would have spent that much money on a scarf!


Pale pink Peonies. My most favourite flower of all.


Turquoise Mexican blanket. Given to me as a gift from by a dear friend when she closed her shop in Key West and moved to Santa Fe to start a new life. I had been admiring it for months.


Blue mediation cushions from my years living at Kripalu. Yes, I stole it, I really didn’t mean to though. It had become such a part of my daily life that I thought of it as my own and packed it without thinking.


The Elements of Teaching by James Banner. The first book that really illuminated for me what it meant to teach, and which sparked in me a desire to ask more of myself as a teacher.


Hand-sewn Moccasins from Manitoulin Island. My favourite slippers, even though they’re falling apart and I have a new pair, I still love these ones. Just looking at them makes me happy.


The Tassajara Bread Book by Ed Brown. I met Ed when he came to teach at Kripalu in the late 90’s. He came into the kitchen to chat with us while we made dinner for the community, hiding knives in his monk’s robe. He’s a Zen monk, a very funny guy and passionate about bread. Many years later I became an Artisan bread baker myself.


My perfume, tucked into my little suede pouch. It’s aptly called Bullet Proof by Tokyo Milk. I love the smell – and the name even more.


My LIFE notebook aka. my gratitude journal. I keep it with me always so I can jot down the things I’m grateful for as they arise. It works wonders when you’re having a shitty day and you want to turn things around quick. Try it!


Bamboo cutting board in shape of the state of Tennessee. This was a very sweet and thoughtful gift from one of Jon’s nieces one of the first times I spent Christmas with his family. He was more pleased than I was I think, because he knew how much I’d like it and he was tickled that they knew me well already. Just goes to show you, happiness begets more happiness.


Green Tara. There are two Green Tara’s here. the small stone statue was given to me by an old friends daughter as a gift when I owned my studio, Green Tara Yoga in Key West, FL. The mask was given to me around the same time by a Buddhist teacher I studied with that taught the Green Tara practice. As the Goddess of Active Compassion, Green Tara is always shown with one foot on the ground, ready at a moments notice to jump to your aide at the mention of her name. Needless to say, I still like having her around. lol!