8 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Daily Mindset Practice

Master your relationship to power using a daily mindset practice.

1. You are powerful. Your mind is like a slide projector that’s always turned on. You decide which slides are being shown.

2. Reclaim your power. The Law of Increase is always at play. What is increasing is determined by what you think about. You decide what grows based on what you think about.

3. Manage your power wisely. A daily mindset practice is like eating the right diet. You decide what thoughts you consume or don’t consume.

4. Sustained power requires commitment. Constant growth and expansion requires practice when you’ve spent your life shutting down the natural state of growth that exist throughout the Universe. You decide how fast and easy growth is for you.

5. Focused power starts with you. Going from where you are, to where you want to be, requires mental persistence. You decide when to give up or to keep going forward.

6. Expanding power is a choice. A daily mindset practice makes us feel good and up lifts us. You decide how you want to feel.

7. You are meant to circulate power. You create your environment and the effect it has on others. You decide whether your life is beneficial to all, or a drain on others.

8. Transforming power is what’s asked of us all right now. We all have a responsibility to transform the collective consciousness. You decide what your contribution will be.

This is just a short list of the ways that we disconnect from our full creative potential the infinite power that we possess. For a more detailed explanation you can watch the replay of the 90 minute live training I hosted in our private Facebook group. Click here to watch it now.

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