6 Steps To Become The Woman That Your Dream Requires You To Be

Sometimes I want to feel inspired, but I just can’t seem to connect to what matters most to me. It’s like a fly buzzing around my head and I have to capture it before it’s truth is revealed to me.

After years of going through this cycle over + over again, I finally realized that I needed to make it a priority to do the things that matter most to me – all the time.

The challenge is, what matters most to me is also changing with me.

So I have to remain committed to the ‘process’ of growth and expansion (versus a specific result) because my dreams and desires are continuously expanding.

Which means so are all the reasons why it matters to me that I commit fully to bringing my dreams to life.

The Dream Journey Process that I created is a map of consciousness that shows us WHO our dream is asking us to become and WHAT our dream requires us to do.

Knowing those two things are immensely helpful if you’ve been circling the drain looking for inspiration.

But they’re just the starting point of bringing your dreams to life.

The real work begins with learning how to become the woman who is capable of living your dream.

So I thought I’d share with you the 6 steps I’ve consistently found, both for myself and my clients, that we must be willing to take if we want to become the woman who can bring our dreams to life.

Here they are –

6 Steps To Become The Woman That Your Dream Requires You To Be

1. Know your WHY, the reason WHY you want what you want + WHY you do what you do.

Our results reflect what we’re really committed to and without knowing your WHY, you’ll continue to commit to the wrong things or mistake what your real dreams are. The one’s your soul is calling you to fulfill, versus the one’s your ego tells you should want. Understanding what you value is the key to knowing your WHY.

2. Know what you want your IDEAL LIFE to look + feel like.

Sometimes this is difficult and if you don’t know WHY you want your life to look and feel a certain way, it’s impossible to nail it down so you can start imagining a different future for yourself. Feeding your inspiration is critical at this stage of growth.

3. Cultivate + maintain a GROWTH mindset – be process orientated not results focused.

Your dreams and desires will never stop growing and expanding. The moment you realize one dream, a new one is already on it’s way to you. This can be scary because if we really allow ourselves to go with the flow of continous levels of greater and greater expansion, the momentum can be frightening after a lifetime of resistance. Focusing on your life, your dreams, your health, your business, your relationship, your art, your self-expression as all works in ‘process’ is crucial to your continued success.

4. Invest in PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT so you know yourself better than anyone else.

Inevitably you’re going to need help somewhere along the journey and when you seek out help from an accountant, a lawyer, an agent, a manager, a coach, a financial advisor, a relator or even a family member, you’re going to need to know yourself well enough to know your own mind and heart so you can do what’s best for YOU. If you don’t know what’s best for you, you’re more likely to invest in things you don’t need, to create things you don’t want and to build a business, a relationship, a home, a life, aka a dream that isn’t yours.

5. Hire a MENTOR/COACH to help guide you + point out what you can’t see yourself because you’re too close to it.

Can you do it on your own? Sure, some things you can do on your own. But why would you? Humans are social animals and women are relational beings, which means we all need and want connection. Having support does not make you weak, incompetent or incapable of doing great things all by yourself. Having support makes you intelligent enough to know you don’t have to do it alone (nor are you required to), emotionally strong enough to know when you need help and courageous enough to ask for it.

6. Keep your MOMENTUM going so you don’t stop when you realize that the Universe’s plan for you, is WAY bigger than the one you had for yourself.

This relates back to having a growth or process focused mindset. When you fully understand that your dreams will never stop, then you can consciously choose to be in relationship to them and ride the momentum that the Universe is always providing for you. Being a WILLING participant in doing what your dreams dictate you must, is the only way to do that.

Where are you in the relation to your dreams and desires?

What’s the next step you need to take?

Not sure where you are? Take a look at your life.

Your results reflect what you’re really committed to.

Sometimes this is a difficult truth to acknowledge. It’s too painful for you to admit, so you don’t.

Instead, you do what you’ve always done.

You avoid the feelings you’re afraid to feel, you deny the truth you know is plain for others to see, and you hide from yourself the person you wish you could be.

The woman your dream requires you to be.

This is the work you must do in order to create the dreams that are meaningful for you.

And the dreams that aren’t that meaningful for you, fall by the wayside until someone else decides to bring them to life.

Sometimes people say so and so stole my idea.

Actually, they didn’t.

You sat on your dream suffocating it with your UN-willingness to do what it required to be brought to life.

No one else is at fault because you decided NOT to do what your dream asked of you.

There’s no need to blame yourself for not wanting to do the work that was required.

You can carry that old story around with you like a shield of armour and use it to justify why your life is the way that it is so you feel safe and never have to risk being someone new, in order to make another dream come true.

Or, you can just let it go.

You can say, I didn’t want that dream bad enough to do what it asked of me. And that’s okay because I know that there’s another dream on it’s way to me now and my job is to be ready for it.

My job is to know what holds meaning for me so when that dream arrives, I’ll know it’s the one that’s meant for me.

I’ll know that I can and will do whatever it takes to bring that dream to life because it’s the dream that allows me to bring what’s most meaningful to me, into the world and share it with others.

This is the work.

Wishing you ease in your journey, the courage to go willingly into the depths of your underworld and the curiosity to explore fully what your dream is asking you to create and share with with the world.


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