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ELEVATE is a liminal space, a sacred container we enter into together for deeper connection, courageous conversation and authentic engagement with members of our Meaning Maker community who feel the call to go deeper.

ELEVATE is for the woman who is ready to question what she believes she knows to be true so she can begin the process of discovering what is unknown with her, and make it known to the world.

Women play a critical role in the future of human evolution and it’s all hands on deck as we find our voice, share our truth and inspire each other to rise to a new level of leadership as we disrupt the systems that keep all people from recognizing – and experiencing – the sufficiency that is the birthright for us all.

Being a member of our ELEVATE community means you’ve answered the call to dive into a deeper exploration of what holds meaning for you in your life and the work you’re sharing with the world.

It means you’ll be expected to contribute to the conversation as an active + engaged participant (not just warm the bench for the team) because systems are made of people, and it’s our responsibility to dismantle the systems and structures that oppress others.

How we hold one another in this space –

Together, we share the common values of truth, love and presence and we practice those values on a daily basis with one another in the community.

No one person has all the answers, nor do any of us strive for that goal, which is why we host a new conversation partner every week to help us elevate the way that we think, act and articulate what we do in the world and in our businesses.

We thoughtfully choose the measures of success used to determine our worthiness in the world and the value of the work we do. Then we discuss WHAT we’re doing and WHY we’re doing it during our weekly community calls, relying on one another to witness our unfolding and support us as we put into practice what we’re learning about ourselves, and the world we’re creating together.

Rather than debating what we already know to be true, we actively seek to discover what is unknown within us so we can bring what’s hidden inside, out into the world and make it known.

We are Meaning Makers.
And we’re here to ELEVATE ourselves, each other and all of human consciousness.

When we commit to orienting ourselves in the world through the soul’s lens perception – everything changes.

But most of all,  WE change.

We change who we’re being, and as a result we change the systems that we are a part of.

Be a part of the conversation and make change - that matters.